A Huge Makeup Revolution Haul!

A Huge Makeup Revolution Haul!

*Warning: Long post – the first two paragraphs’ especially have lots of randomness going on 😉 *

After endless days of teasing you all about a haul post (You have no idea what I am on about? Follow me on Instagram and stay in the loop! 😉 ), it is finally here. Knowing how tired and unproductive I am while fasting I had scheduled my posts ahead of time like a pro (look at me being all organized *pffft*) and had everything planned out for the last few weeks *pats own head* but now I need to make new ones because my efficiency died away eventually. Last week in particular just wasn’t my week, I dropped my iPhone from my bed shattering the screen and my mom keeps asking me why there is hair strands on my screen every time I show her something on it; that’s like rubbing salt on a wound. So while I was sulking away the whole week, there came a package from Makeup Revolution that made everything so much better. IMG_2371I haven’t been this impressed with a makeup brand in a long time. I  have been wanting to check their stuff out for a while now but never really took the plunge. A week or something before I placed this order I stumbled upon an interview featuring the CEO of Makeup Revolution and ended up reading it.If youre wondering why on earth would I read that or think that I read it because it has something to do with makeup, you are wrong. I went to business school, reading anything that has the word CEO in it is the most organic thing to do. However, since I did not know anything about the brand apart from the fact that everyone seems to love it, the interview really gave me insight into what I should expect from their products. They promised good quality for a really affordable price and I was really shocked that they actually delivered that. No, seriously I’ve always found a down side to all the drugstore products I’ve used but with this one I had one fabulous first impression.

Anyways let me get to all what I got:

Lipliner in The One.IMG_2374I don’t own a nude lip liner so I just got this one. It’s a peachy nude shade. I haven’t worn it with a lipstick yet, once I do that a few times I will review it.

Salvation velvet Lip Lacquer in What I BelieveIMG_2378I hadn’t tried any liquid lipsticks before so with this haul I wanted try them too. This is a lip lacquer and is packaged just like a lip gloss but highly pigmented and is supposed to dry matte. The formula is amazing but I just don’t like this particular color which is so much more fluorescent pink than it actually looks in the tube. Maybe I would just mix it with a another color or something.

Amazing Inner Eye BrightenerIMG_2382I haven’t really tried this one on yet but I really am excited to see if it does exactly what its supposed to. It’s in a nude peachy shimmer color. I will review it once I use it a few times so I can talk about it properly.

 Awesome Double Flick Liquid EyelinerIMG_2386I love this eyeliner!!!! It glides on soooo smooth and you can take it off just as smooth without waging war against your eyelids.

Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick in ForgivenIMG_2388I wanted get another color but it was sold out so I got it in this one. I was a bit worried that it might be too orangey but am I glad or what that I chose this eventually. It’s the best color ever!!! I’m sooo in love with it. It’s very similar to my MAC Mocha which I absolutely adore.

Awesome Metals Eye Foil in Rose GoldIMG_2379This foil metallic shadow is the one thing I am most excited to try out from this haul just because I haven’t used anything like it before.IMG_2381The shadow pan comes along with a small tube of liquid eye primer and a silver tray to mix. The color is metallic rose gold and I really cant wait to try this out. It would make an awesome night look. Also I am pretty sure the silver tray is going to be a super handy tool in my makeup routine henceforth.

 I ❤ Makeup Slogan Palette Explicit Content IMG_2399Let me confess something before I say anything about this palette. So I wasn’t really planning on a haul at Makeup Revolution immediately, I mean I wanted to place an order eventually but I didn’t have a wish list or anything yet to really get at it. I was always just going to get a few stuff just to test the waters but it wasn’t on my this month’s to-do list that I needed to tick off (Nah, I don’t make to-do list; it just sounded nice to write 😉 ). But then I got this promotional mail from Makeup Revolution that said if I placed an order for over fifteen pounds I can get this palette free. So I placed an order. :/ #DontJudge

I was anyways going to get a palette from them so why not get one free was my argument. It also meant I could get something else for what I would be spending on the palette plus the packaging looked so cool *covers face with palms*.

I didn’t even know what colors the palette had but I remember seeing a few YouTubers’ use it in their videos, assumed it was the same one and waited till my parcel arrived to make sure.

This palette is my favorite from this entire haul! Take a look at the range of colors…

IMG_2402The quality of the shadows is breathtakingly awesome and I love how there is a range of neutral shades from light to dark with a pop of colors too. I haven’t used them properly yet but they are soooo smooth and creamy. Trust me to love the free stuff more than the stuff I actually paid for.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products? What is your favorite out of them? Let me know. 🙂

Keep Smiling!!

Have a great week.






22 thoughts on “A Huge Makeup Revolution Haul!

  1. Great haul! It’s good to know that you liked the eyeliner, as that’s something that I’m always on the look out for but also dubious about. The eye foils caught my eye (no puns intended) on the site too but the Rose Gold was sold out when I placed my order, so I’d love to read what you think of that one. The palette looks gorge, I have the #Selfie palette and I’ve been carrying that with me everywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The eyeliner is pretty amazing and I didn’t expect that. The rose gold is a pretty color so excited to try it out. I shall post a review once I do use it. I love the palette, their shadows are sooo awesome right. Thanks so much for reading! X

      Liked by 1 person

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