Beauty Products That Just Didn’t Work For Me |2015

Beauty Products That Just Didn’t Work For Me |2015

IMG_2224I am very picky when it comes to my beauty stash. I usually put a lot of thought into what I want and what I like despite being an impulsive shopper. My lipstick shades are carefully chosen, each product in my makeup collection has been really ‘wanted’ by me. I shop high-end and drug store products in equal measure and most of the products in my stash are amazing. However there’s a bunch of products that I own that just didn’t do it for me.  I actually tried my best to like them yet I just couldn’t so I decided to make a post out of them and share it with you lovelies.

In no particular order…



Nyx lip products have been raved about by so many bloggers but I just can’t seem to like the formula of both these products. It’s way too creamy and sloppy for my liking. My review for both these and swatches HERE.


I got this at the Singapore Airport (You’d know about my en route shopping habits by now) during a transit. After loitering around the cosmetics store for a while and making the sales-woman follow me around for at least an hour (In my defense I didnt ask her to do that) I thought it would be not right to go off without actually buying something *don’t judge; I’d probably not do that again…I was young and stupid* so I got this travel makeup kit by VS. It cost me if im not wrong 50 SD and comprises of everything you’d want in a travel kit including a wide range of eyeshadows. I am not usually this negative about products but this set has the worst makeup formulas I’ve ever seen.


Once again this is a foundation that most people rave about and I can see why. The glowing finish is in fact very beautiful. My biggest problem with this one is I got the wrong shade for my skin #MyBad. The sales woman swore that this suited me better than the darker shade and since I almost never wore foundation before I wasn’t very sure of how to choose the right color. Thank god I’ve learnt the foundation lesson, we all do learn it at some point don’t we. My other issue with this is I prefer light/medium coverage but this seems more medium/full coverage. It is a good foundation but i got on the wrong foot with it. :/


This was something I have had since  my teenage years (around at least 10 years ago) and never used it. I knew nothing about makeup back then. This again was bought at a The Body Shop Store in Singapore. I went in to get myself a replacement for the compact powder I was using back then also from The Body Shop. Back then I knew absolutely minimum on makeup and I relied heavily on the sales woman to help me around the store. The sales woman gave me this bronzer and swore to me this was the perfect face powder for me. Looking back I don’t know if she was that incompetent or just offensive! P.S. I didn’t know what a bronzer was back then. In terms of using it as a bronzer, it isnt that great looking especially with the gold sparkles in it.


I promise I don’t have anything against CD, I do like some of their products which I think are great but this one is not one of that. It’s not a reliable eyeliner and it’s formulated really bad. I will not say too much on this since I have said it all in my review on it HERE.


I got this just as it was first released and I dint know how to use it *yikes* and google didn’t have the answers. I wasnt a fan of how it felt and soon forgot about it.


I love my eyeliners’ (in case you’ve not noticed that). I experiment on so many of them in different brands and colors. This one just doesn’t work for me and Id chose a drug store liner anytime over this one. I’ve reviewed this liner HERE in case you want to give it a read.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Keep Smiling! Xx






19 thoughts on “Beauty Products That Just Didn’t Work For Me |2015

    1. Mixing it with another shade is something Ive been thinking about so that I can use it in some way. Urgh yeah she sold me a bronzer as a facepowder, I cant even begin to understand what was she thinking. I really stopped buying makeup at The Body Shop after this incident, totally put me off them. Thanks for reading hun! Xx

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  1. Helpful post! I really want to try baby skin because I hear it’s a decent dupe for the Benefit Porefessional, which I think is pretty good but overpriced. Some people don’t like the silicone feel over their skin though, so I can understand.

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    1. Thanks for reading! I didnt know it was a dupe for Benefit Porefessional and thats something ive been wanting to try out. Ive had my baby skin for awhile now and I dont feel its safe to use it on my skin now since it may have expired already :/ . I really dont dig the silicon feeling on my skin.


  2. Oh my god, I hate experiences like that with sales people. It’s like, you want to trust them and of course the terrible lighting in store makes things difficult to judge, and you end up going home with something too dark or too light or too orange, etc. This has happened to me twice at Sephora…they gave me stuff that was just so clearly and obviously too dark when I tried them at home. Even better, when I had no idea about makeup and wanted a finishing powder, this girl at Sephora recommended me this Clinique powder foundation and rushed me since she was too busy to actually let me try it on my face….not only was it too dark and didn’t match my skin but it’s just straight up a foundation in itself, it’s not suitable as a finishing powder…. >.<

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    1. We always expect the sales people to know something about makeup but seriously they really suck at matching shades. I use to always get matched with a darker shade but now I have finally figured out how to choose my foundation and also have stopped taking the sales persons advice. Its a lesson learnt too many times. Talk about those store lightings, I always end up with a headache trying to figure out if what I am trying really looks good on me or plain hideous.LOL.
      Thanks so much for reading! Xx

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  3. I love reading about products that don’t work for bloggers, it’s always interesting how different products work on different people 🙂 I hate when sales people match you with the wrong color, I’m sitting with two MAC foundations that are too dark for me. You can probably still use the Dior one by mixing with another foundation to get your shade 🙂

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    1. Hi Fatima! Hope your fasting is going great.
      I agree, the only reason so many people can get away with revieing the same product is that we all have such different taste and preferences and tend to have such a varied opinion on most products. Sales people always tend to match us to shades darker all the time and its such a waste. Yeah, I think i should try mixing it up. Thanks so much for reading. Xx


      1. I’ll send you the questions I would like you to answer via email. May I please have your email address? 🙂

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