Beyond Beauty| Dealing With Haters

Beyond Beauty| Dealing With Haters

BBbannerHaters gonna hAte! That was a statement I had been reading for years but never really comprehended. However life happens and we learn.

Last month I told you guys how I have planned on a ‘Beyond Beauty’ series where every month I would be posting a post that is everything but makeup and shopping. This is in an attempt to talk of real issues that haunt the regular human ranging from body image, haters to eating disorders to anything and everything that I feel needs to shared and spoken about. It is my little way of spreading the love. I hope this would help my fellow bloggers and readers interact and converse over these topics because we could just be cheering someone up! 😀 You can read the whole idea behind this series in detail HERE.

Haters. Who are they? And what do they want? And why? Like seriously why? Also most importantly how do they manage to invest so much time in you. #SeriousTimeManagementGoals 😉

These are questions we ask ourselves every time we have an encounter with a hater.

Who are haters?

I define them as anyone with too much hate and negativity in them who also feel it mandatory to be spiteful, resentful and pure rude to anyone and anything.

These people aren’t necessarily your enemies. I mean every dragon/witch/crazy animal and enemies usually know you personally and have something they deeply disagree about you. But mostly the ‘hater’ we come across don’t even know you yet take out the time to let you know you are being hated. It’s borderline hilarious if you mute out the venom they spit out.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

We see people online hating on someone’s profile, post and videos. Then there are the others who act offline taking the effort to tell you how inadequate you are. They would comment in spiteful ways, make resentful statements. Like how many times have we seen people leaving long hateful comments on YouTube videos? Like seriously I don’t even have the energy to log in to my YouTube half the time and these people spend like a good few minutes writing an essay on YouTube. Like ain’t nobody got the time for that.

Everytime I see haters I wish they knew that I am sprinkling glitter at them inside my mind (You know there’s a company that lets you do that 😀 !). Like seriously get over all that negativity. You telling me you don’t like my hair isn’t gonna change anything nor am I planning on dressing up to please you next time girl. So get a life!

Found this Facebook and had to include it! 😀

You’re first few encounters with haters always effect you mostly because you don’t understand why they behave the way they do. It has upset so many people I know and I have had my shares of being upset and confused.

So in this post I am gonna tell you the one thing you need to know about haters.

They hate because they have a problem with their life and that has nothing to do with you. They have an issue that they need to sit down and solve for themselves. You in no way can solve it for them so there’s no point in giving it a second thought. Let them deal with the hate and you go on doing whatever that you are doing.

I am not saying this because I read it on google but rather I have seen this. 99.9% of the time a hater is someone who isn’t quite happy with themself. They hate you because of themselves and that isn’t your fault.

They just want to dull your sparkle so don’t let them. Also you’re probably on the path of something right/good which is probably why they started with all that hate anyways so take that as a cue and make your journey of life fruitful.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Haters are never worth your time. Any kind of negativity isn’t worth your time. Like they say people hate when they can’t have you or be you and I couldn’t agree more. Ever thought how strong of an emotion hate is? I mean someone is taking the time out their busy schedule to put you down, make you feel low and hurt you. Some sadistic streak in them is clearly making them enjoy the whole process. They think you’re important and in a twisted way they are giving you a compliment, so take it and forget it.

The only way to deal with haters is by not dealing with them. Totally not worth your time darling!


On that note, always keep smiling and shining!!! 😉

**Disclaimer: I am no expert, I am just sharing my perspective so pretty please don’t hold it against me.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below. You know I love to hear them.







10 thoughts on “Beyond Beauty| Dealing With Haters

    1. I agree that WordPress is a beautiful place with beautiful souls I’ve never seen a hateful person here and I hope/pray/wish that never goes away. But Instagram, YouTube and Facebook is just filled with hate that it’s just absurd.
      Thanks so much for reading and for the comment, it means a lot.
      Have a good weekend. 🙂

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  1. “Haters are never worth your time. Any kind of negativity isn’t worth your time”.
    “The only way to deal with haters is by not dealing with them. Totally not worth your time darling”!

    Completely agree with you, that’s why I always surrounded myself with positive, enthusiastic and lively bloggers cum friends like you……….
    Wishing you all the best…………….
    I wish, you must read my latest post and I too like to read your views………………


  2. Haters are a waste of time – they envy you and what you have – even when you haven’t done anything wrong! Like you said, once we realise this it’s easier to cope 🙂 luckily I haven’t had to experience that many haters – I have one that always comments if I put religion related blog posts up! How odd! x

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    1. I’ve had a few run ins with haters in person apart from that it’s been a lovely world. I knew someone who hated every time I answered a question (posed by other friends) about my hijab or food habits. She would just lash out every time saying why would I always talk about it although I was just answering a question. We are no longer friends; I couldn’t deal with all that negativity. 😉
      Thanks so much for reading! Hope your fasting is going great! Xx


  3. Great idea for a series and I really liked this post, empowering!

    I’ve been fortunate enough never to receive “hate”, though that might be because I don’t have the likes of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as I have witnessed it before. If it happened to me, I would not respond, as I’d imagine that’s exactly what they would want. 100% agree with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the lovely words. This whole post idea is beyond my comfort zone and feedback/support is appreciated. Ive been fortunate enough to never recieve hate online too( but what I see on other people walls,comments is just appalling) however in real life I’ve had my share of nasty encounters. I agree, not responding is always the best approach.
      Thanks for reading!! Xx

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