Beauty Tools Tag

Beauty Tools Tag

I’m back with another tag!

You all know how much I enjoy these and lately there’s been so many new,fun and interesting tags that have been invented by some lovely bloggers that I have been dying to do. One such tag was the Beauty tools tag that Shareen Zahira tagged me to. YAY!!! So let’s get started…


The Rules:

  • Tag up to 5 people & let them know you tagged them.
  • List what you want. If you got three things that are unbelievable or twenty…, just share away.
  • Cannot be actual makeup, skin care, or hair care products – just the tools/gadgets you use.

I sat down thinking what are the tools that I am so grateful for in my collection and since I am not much of a skin care/hair care person (I am trying to be that person though…I shall get there eventually!) I zeroed in on some of my go-to favorite makeup tool/gadgets.  IMG_1960

1. The Original Beauty Blender- I know I talk so much about it but I can’t help it, I love it so so much. It has made makeup application so much easier for me that its unbelievable. Anyways I am not gonna bore you with the same old raving however if any one of you wants to check out why I love this so much check out this post HERE. Also having troubles cleaning your BB? You can go read how I clean mine HERE.

2. MAC Brush  #190– This was one brush I really hunted for so when I got my hands on it during my recent Arabian Haul I was thrilled. Personally its my most favorite brush out of everything I own and it just helps me get on foundation without the mess. I prefer my foundation light/medium coverage and this brush helps me control how much gets on my face and I love that. Plus, the bristles are soooo soft and satin-y.

3. Sigma Tapered Blending Brush F40- Blending is key and this brush has been letting me do that. It is easy to use and does exactly what its supposed to. I just wish it didn’t feel that prickly on the lids, softer bristles would have been nice but at this point its an important tool and I appreciate it.

4. Dior sharpener I did not purchase these separately but they came complimentary with my various Dior lip/eye pencils. Honestly these are such rescuers especially since we know how conveniently eyeliners/lipliners/eyebrow pencil’s tip breaks off.

5. The Brush I that came with my Chanel compact powder (Yes, the one with the extra long name that I can’t remember) which probably doesn’t have a name but it’s amaaaazing. I’ve been using this for a very long time, a couple of years and probably would be the only brush I owned all along my college days. This has to be the most versatile brush ever! I can pack powder onto my face with this, use it with my blush and even to contour. I had to put this in the list since despite how fancy my makeup collection has gotten (thanks to my life as a blogger and love for shopping) I can’t think one day I’ve not used this brush while applying makeup. Love this one.

My Nominees…

This is my little way of saying Thank YOU for the follow and sending some fun and smiles your way! 🙂

1. What Katey Thinks

2. Dose of Rain

3. Amanda Rose Beauty

4. Be Positive Yaroon

5. Island Girls Wander

* My nominations are with the intention of spreading the fun and love. So please don’t feel pressurized in any way. It’s absolutely up to you if you want to do the tag! 🙂

Have you tried any of these makeup tools? Do you like them?

Keep Smiling Xx






6 thoughts on “Beauty Tools Tag

  1. This is first – I’ve never seen anyone choose the brush that came with a compact! It must be THAT good! Usually they’re just throw away crappy brushes or sponges, but I guess Chanel puts some money into them.

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