Beyond Beauty…

Beyond Beauty…


Hello Lovelies,

During my initial days of blogging, I would write on random things, a wide spectrum of interests and experiences my little existence came across. I was a little that made the world lot. We are all little of the lot and this was something that came to my awareness very early in life and to my comprehension so much later.

I stumbled in on so many things that held my interests(e.g. shopping, makeup ,shoes etc) but often I would want to write, speak and converse with everyone on things that stretch beyond the usual. You can all it philosophy, inner beauty or anything but if i put in much simple words… ‘The thoughts and rambles that dominate our minds often’. I did write a few posts on it but I stopped doing that once I was done with uni, mostly because I thought it didn’t make sense to write on my state of mind, thoughts and fears anymore. I was constantly debating myself as to should I or not continue writing along those lines. Then finally I thought I should because Id rather regret doing it than not. 🙂 I follow some great bloggers and vloggers who do similar stuff and their experiences and ‘talks’ have always really helped me be a bit more stronger, wiser and just a better person. Cutting short the cheese, I don’t promise to be as good but I’ve picked a thing or two on figuring out things that I feel the need to speak on.

So I came up with this idea of doing series posts on my blog on a few topics(which I would reveal eventually). One of them is the “Beyond Beauty” series.

These would be monthly posts where I would be rambling and writing about ‘deeper’ and much ‘serious’ stuff in comparison to what I post. However, I like everything with a sense of humor therefore these post would definitely have a bit of that. And rhetorical questions. (I’ve this thing with rhetorical questions, when I start with one, I just keep on going until I’ve made 3 paragraphs made up of 167 rhetorical questions *sigh*). 😀

I am very much excited for this and would be posting my very first Lets Talk Beyond Beauty post starting this June.

I am hoping to touch on subjects like body image, confidence, work, haters and just about anything that I feel needs to be said.

I really hope you all like it and I am very much open to suggestions, guests post on this topic and any kind of feedback. You can always leave a comment below or email me at

Keep Smiling Xx








16 thoughts on “Beyond Beauty…

  1. Haters is a good one. It’s very upsetting when I see a woman take photos and have the confidence to share and someone says “her lips are too big” and makes a snide comment about whatever she did. As opposed to simply respecting that woman and the fact that we all perceive what looks good differently.

    Body image and how to deal with that and how the media portrays it, is another big one!

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    1. I agree that those are two absolutely big issues that I am looking forward to write about. It took me awhile to understand people could hate and then to understand “why” took me a couple of years and I’ve figured how to deal with that too so I’m really hoping to touch on all these parts of it.
      Body image again is a huge one again too that should not be taken lightly.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

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