I Think I Found My Summer Inspired New Hair Color!

I Think I Found My Summer Inspired New Hair Color!

It has been little over a year since I’ve been wanting to change my hair color and yet I await the day that I will finally have the courage to do so. The fear of change, what it will do to my health and what color exactly I want my hair to be are the reasons behind me stalling this awesome idea. I am pretty sure that I would change my hair color someday soon and I almost did twice! Except the biggest problem was I wasn’t exactly sure what color I wanted it to be or what would suit me. hair

Just when I am thinking of all this, I recently came across this company called Madison Reed.They are a hair care company that specializes in a healthier, at-home hair dye that made me come up with my summer inspired hair and a look. I love when this happens, because it always lets me dig further into something I am quite interested(which I wouldn’t take the time out to do so otherwise). So I set into finding the hair color that I feel is perfect for summer and a look that would bring out the best in it! So if I had to choose a summer hair color from Madison Reed, I would choose Catania Brown. This is descried as “Deep golden brown with hints of mahogany”. I love brown hair and I would go much lighter brown if I could but I know that it would do nothing for my skin tone. Look at this hair color, isn’t it just gorgeous!

Source: Madison Reed

I put together an entire look that I thought would bring out my hair color in the best light. Look at me styling my summer looks already 😉 Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.06.10 PM I chose a maxi dress because that’s something that you’ll see me in most of summer and nothing beats the weather as much as the color white does. I also think that the brown hair color would take front seat with a laid back outfit. A major must have for me in summer is a beautiful bright lipstick. 🙂 Also, if you are as confused as me when it comes to choosing your new hail color, you can try out Madison Reed’s hair dye selection page~ it actually gives perspective and sort of drifts you towards the right direction even if you don’t want to go with their selection for you. If you are from the braver lot, let me know which is your fav hair color. 🙂

***Disclaimer: All content in this post is solely based on my personal views. I only do collaborations that I am in all honesty interested in and feel comfortable sharing with my readers and followers. I have NOT been paid to write this post.**






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