The Time I Went Whale Watching!

The Time I Went Whale Watching!

I went whale watching two weeks ago. Something I wasnt aware we could do. It was quite an exciting little trip where we had to leave the fishery harbor at Mirissa, Sri Lanka( which is around 2 hours from where I live on the highway) at 6:30 in the morning. Hungry, with a disturbed sleep and a lot of excitement we sailed away in a stream liner boat. It didn’t have a sail though…

It was my first time ever so far in the ocean and it was a beautiful experience. We had to go around 2.5 hors into the sea to where the whales were at that day. I discovered that I get sea-sick which wasnt great but hey I spotted blue whales 5 times probably like 2 or different whales. I managed to video one time to my luck which I wanted to share with you guys. (*I posted this on my Instagram earlier itself so if you follow me on there, you are bound to have come across this before*). The whole journey took exactly 6 hours so you can imagine how sea-sick I might have been. I don’t know if this happens to others too but I spent the rest of my day feeling giddy as though I was sailing on land. :’) :’) :’)

Anyways here’s the video and hope you enjoy! Also the quality isn’t great since the boat is shaky and whales pop up whenever I’m not ready so sorry about that!

Thanks for watching !!

Keep Smiling! Xx






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