Unwrap The Cutest Suitcase Handbag With Me! 

Unwrap The Cutest Suitcase Handbag With Me! 

The recent holiday I took had me on a shopping spree(surprise! D ) and found the cutest suitcase handbag ever from Accessorize! I’ve heard bloggers speak of Accessorize however this was the first time I’ve actually stumbled upon one of their stores and bought something. Those not aware, Monsoon Accessorize is a British retail clothing brand. This store has some really cute bags. This bag is called STRUCTURED SUITCASE ACROSS BODY BAG and I am so much in love with it especially the color. Also I love unwrapping stuff so I thought I should share this moment of joy with you guys and video the few mins! 🙂 Let me know what you think. Apologies on my voice, my throat hurts :/

Thanks for watching!

Keep Smiling! Xx






6 thoughts on “Unwrap The Cutest Suitcase Handbag With Me! 

  1. That IS a cute bag! They sure wrapped that purse well! Monsoon Accessorize has some neat stuff – I browsed around when I was on vacation but didn’t buy anything. I heard their makeup is decent too.

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  2. Thank you!! LOL the did~ I was struggling to get the plastic off 😀 This was the first time I had visited their store but this one only sold bags and accessories. I agree, they have some really cute stuff. I havent heard of their makeup though. I should check that out. Thanks for watching! ❤


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