A Bland Story On My Perfume Craze, A Moral Lesson And My Current Top 4 Fragrances :D

A Bland Story On My Perfume Craze, A Moral Lesson And My Current Top 4 Fragrances :D

Source: Quoteimg
Source: Quoteimg

If there’s something I’ve been always been a collector of its perfumes. I-should-not- be -spending -so -much- on -kind- of- perfumes. My collection of perfumes ceremoniously started off witha bottle of JLo ‘Love at first glow’ (how aptly named). I was some 11(or 12) years of age and had carefully selected this scent from a pool of fragrances, purchased this bottle with my own savings (Incase you’re wondering, my account was at Piggy Bank PLC) and that somehow made it extra special. I loved everything about it and if i come to think of it now I used to look after it like it was my little baby. I was the pre-teen in awe of that perfect figure in a glowing shade of pink with a sparkly JLo necklace gracing its body. (Yes, I channel my not so impressive poetic side whenever I think of it.) It was that one thing I hated to share (otherwise I was quite the caring child). Years passed and now I stand (sitting mostly in a couch) with a little collection I am proud and with a very beneficial NOT knowledge of having tried so many different fragrances in a span just a decade. My craze was so much that I found ways to deal with the fact that all most ALL fragrances gave me a headache, the bad kinds.

So the moral of the story:

What a girl wants, she works her way around every obstacle and finds a way to fight her flaws and emerge victorious! (Hey! despite the sad excuse for a story, the deep lesson behind it is pretty cool right.) 😀

My Top 4 Fragrances

Valentina by Valentino


I am bowled over this perfume. It currently tops my favourite lists(and I spend hours at a perfumery (less fancy words airport duty free and the shelf on the left at the mall). I am not a good describer of scents but if I had to try I would say this is a mixture of floral with a tint of orange and perhaps a pinch of spice. Now that I have you confused, I’ll tell how it makes me feel. One of the best things/ attributes about perfumes is how it makes you feel. (*Now is the time to remember the famous coco Chanel quote*). This perfume whenever I war it makes me feel like a lady. It has that refined, graceful, and mysterious feel to it. Also I love the bottle design except I wish the top plastic would get banished into the trash and they put in some fancy applicator instead.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel


Confession: I don’t own this (yet!) but I do occasionally steal a spray or two from my mom. Its her perfume but it smells beautiful that I now really want a bottle of my own. It spells power and mystery. Its made of a mixture of orange, jasmine, white flower, white musk and rose (and more that my nose can’t detect). If you’re looking for a perfume, I recommend you check it out.

Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet


I usually get bored with my perfumes. I hate owning 100 ml bottles for the same reason. I am always on a look out for a new scent. But this Miss Dior perfume has been that one fragrance I always fall back to. Its been in my favourite list for as long as some 5-6 years. True to its name, it’s a sweet-smelling bouquet of flowers. It screams feminine and sweet. I’ve also noticed that most people like this scent.

Love, Chloe Eau Florale Chloe


Chloe comes up with some rather good stuff. This perfume is my go-to fragrance. I use a 30 ml bottle that always resides in my handbag. It’s the perfect size to carry around. I love! love! this one. This perfume is a fusion of floral scents and is very feminine.

Now since I turned an absolutely useless story into a lesson of girl power and confidence, please click the LIKE button and then tell me what your favourite perfume is in the comment section below. :*

Until next time,

Keep Smiling Xx






9 thoughts on “A Bland Story On My Perfume Craze, A Moral Lesson And My Current Top 4 Fragrances :D

      1. You’re so welcome lovely 🙂 I know EXACTLY what you mean about the DKNY as both my mum and sis really dislike it too… seems a bit of a marmite choice. It’s a very fresh scent and lingers for days, I love it but I have to agree the Miss Dior is incredible!!! 😀 XXXX


  1. I will have to check out Valentina by Valentino because I LOVE your other favorites! I am totally in LOVE with Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet and Love, Chloe so we seem to like the same type of scents. 🙂


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