February Favourites

February Favourites

images (3)Remember I did a December Favourites awhile back? and then I did not do a January Favourites because January sucked big time and I just didn’t have anything I liked enough to write about. Then came along February (My Birthday Month wohoo!!) where I rediscovered some old products and found some fabulous new ones which I feel obliged to share (and don’t forget to let me know what your favourites have been lately in the comments section below!)

1. The Body Shop Eye Definer in Electric Blue

IMG_0072This is an old eyeliner that had disappeared under the chaos in my makeup box. Rediscovered it and now love it. Its blue so do I really have to justify my heart?


2. Valentina perfume by Valentino


I’ve told numerous times how Love by Chloe is my favourite perfume however I think I just found another that is as equally as amazing as it. This Valentino perfume smells like grace, femininity and wilderness met (If that makes sense or in simpler terms quite fancy). I love how minimalistic and graceful the packaging is, it sort of gives me an old school vibe especially with the top spray part.


3. Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in Shimma Shimma

Remember my Makeup Geek Haul? This genius of a shade is from there. It’s just soooo versatile in color and texture that I am truly amazed.


4. The Original Beauty Blender


I’ve raved about it enough so I am not gonna say much except that it’s worth the purchase and hype.

What are your current favourites? Tell me in a comment below. I love to discover new products and know what is ruling your hearts.

Also check out what 16 products I would buy if I lost all my makeup (God forbid!).

Keep Smiling! Xx






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