Review (Rave) On The Beauty Blender!

Review (Rave) On The Beauty Blender!

photo 4Let me be absolutely honest and tell you this genius in pink was one pleasant surprise despite how much its been hyped and raved about. I honestly didn’t think it was as good as it is. I would always but foundation brushes that are raved about but end up not liking it and I was quite wary of what I would find when I placed my order for this.I had so much pre conceived notions about it that were kicked up into oblivion. Now I can’t explain how happy I am that I placed an order for this. I LOVE THE BEAUTY BLENDER!!  In fact I cant remember the last time I’ve felt this excited and happy about a product.

The beauty blender is a mind-blowing invention.



1. It’s extremely soft like softer than soft that everything you apply on your face glides in smoothly.

2. I expected it to be bigger in size than it is but it isn’t and in a good way. It fits in your hands quite naturally and helps you blend in all that product just the way you want.

3. It WORKS and does exactly what it promises. You don’t need to be a makeup pro to know how to work it.

4. That pink is one gorgeous color! (Yeah, that’s a reason). And that packaging is super cool.

5. The distinct shape. The pointed part can be used to blend in the under eye area while the opposite side can be used on the rest of the face.

Updated: However the only downside is that it is a bit hard to clean the beauty blender.

Just a tip (it’s on the packaging too) : It works better wet.

I love the beauty blender sooo much that I didn’t find anything bad so this is an absolute honest opinion/rave. 😀

Is it bad that I want the Limited Edition Beauty Blender Red Carpet? But just look at that? Isn’t she a beauty? *googly eyes*








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