4 Ways I Combat My Morning Messy Hair

4 Ways I Combat My Morning Messy Hair

Even with the perfect mattress, bed head is something that we all have to deal with. We wake up with our hair just not complying to our wishes just like our cameras do sometimes.  It’s an issue that most of us girls just deal with in so many different ways. I have a natural oil emitting silky hair so frizz is never a problem for me however i do wake up with hair tangled all the time. My hair is quite fuss free most often and I love waking up neat and nice so I have figured some solutions to the little trouble I fall into some mornings.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Despite all this, sleep is important and to ensure it is peaceful we need the perfect mattress. Casper is a new sleep startup that launched this spring with an outrageously comfortable mattress made of latex and memory foam. They have a showroom in NYC and a website online too. In their words their mattresses are “Just the right sink, just the right bounce. Two technologies come together for better nights and brighter days.”.

Casper Box
Source: Casper

I love my hair and so does everyone else love theirs (and rightfully so) despite the hassle we go through every morning. I have over the years found ways to get rid of bed head especially tangling and im going tell you the ones that actually work.

Casper Flag
Source: Casper

 1. No duck feather pillows

0d432893bbf4f94e26c7d04416c8ac75fe024e543674530c0dacbe88a101eda3 So when I was in Japan, I would wake up everyday with extremely tangled hair almost like a couple of elves worked all night stitching them together. It never happens to me thanks to the silky nature of my hair. It was such a hassle to untangle and I just hated it. It went on for months until one day I caught the elves. No, not elves, they were the duck feather I was using. My hair was getting caught to the ends of the feathers and tangling themselves every time I moved in my sleep. So yeah, I went hunting for a natural cotton pillow two days later and we all lived happily ever after.

2. No Unhealthy Long Hair

enredados-disney-rapunzel-rapuncel-tangled One other thing I always tend to associate with bad messy bed hair is when I feel my hair has reached a very unhealthy length. A good ‘ol trim and styling does the job.

3. Plaited Hair

This is something my mom keeps telling me to do but I’m guilty of not following. Having your hair in plaits when you go to sleep helps to keep them in place throughout the night and avoids tangling and breakage. I don’t do this as often as I should(which is everyday) but it works. I don’t know why but I just love having my hair freely flowing while I sleep :/ frozen-elsa-wallpaper-1-desktop-what-happened-when-these-kids-mistook-daenerys-for-elsa-from-frozen

4. Keep Hair Healthy

28357310 In other words, use the right oils to feed it all the health it needs. Condition the tips and keep the frizz out of it as much as you can (depending on your hair). If nothing works I just wear an extra pretty hijab/scarf (whatever you want to call it). Hats, caps and bandannas have been the age-old solutions. 😉 Hope this helps 🙂 images (2) Keep Smiling Xx

**Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored links however all content is solely based on my personal views. I have NOT been paid to write this post.**






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