Taking Life Lessons from Max Black as We Kickstart 2015.

Taking Life Lessons from Max Black as We Kickstart 2015.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*

We have successfully landed ourselves into 2015!! Wohooo!! And we did a splendid job in disturbing the peaceful night and sleeping birds by simply tossing up pretty colored fire up the sky. *let’s do the slow clap for the human race* 😀

tumblr_n120maoGZi1sg7nq1o4_r1_250As we are trodding our steps in a new year I thought what better time to take some life lessons from Max Black (character from 2 broke girls for those not aware). She has survived through a lot (from bad childhoods to being broke to living with Caroline Channing) so she qualifies to give out some surviving tips for 2015. Oh and she’s hilarious which just makes her amazing!

So here we go… some life lessons as can only be said by Max in a language filled with simplicity and sarcasm.

1.  Treat people for what they are. (P.S: Always remember this doesn’t mean stooping down to match their frequency).


2. You only live once. You also only die once. So now go sit in a corner and let that resonate before you make decisions.


3. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. It’s okay to say No.


4. Learn to accept your flaws and laugh at yourself. God gave us BFFs so that we can survive through these realizations. 😉


5. Essentials are very SUBJECTIVE to a person and thats ok. Learn to live with that and not judge.


6. Dont let people tell you what pretty is. Dont let people set any standards for you, that’s your duty to yourself.


7. Lastly, chill. There’s really no point in freaking out. (uh..I wish I could)

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Stay happy, healthy and awesome!

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And Always Keep Smiling Xx

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