6 Reasons Why I Love Spencer Hastings

6 Reasons Why I Love Spencer Hastings


I explained my love-obsession for Pretty Little Liars and gave 6 reasons why I love Hannah Marin in a post earlier. This time I am about to give 6 reasons why I love another liar – Spencer Hastings. I have a huge girl crush on her, who wouldn’t when she’s just perfect. Right?

1. Spencer’s brain is going to be prime reason on this list since intelligence attracts me like nothing else does.

This girl extremely smart and you can bet she would be the one getting her hands on figuring out who A is. I mean there’s a reason why she was asked to join the ‘A’ Team.


She always figures things out and her rational thinking is a reason why all four of them aren’t in their graves yet.


That BRAIN though…seriously can I just have it?

2. All her smartness oozes out as SARCASM and its one of the many languages she speaks. 😛


cb530c65b4560888204488b50c1ee548images (2)


Isn’t she just awesome!!

3. She makes SPOBY happen and I love her for that. Her relationship with Toby is real, cute and beyond. They are always there for each other. #myrelationshipgoals




Also, remember that time when Toby joined the ‘A’ Team just to protect her? And now he’s becoming a cop so he can protect her. I mean can he get any better? Can they get any better?

OK now I will stop…. 😛

4. She’s strong and a fighter when it comes to protecting her loved ones.

images (1)


5. She is honest and real. You never see her sucking up to people and that’s the reason behind her tiff with Alison.


6. She does humour like she owns it.


2 more days for the Christmas special episode…and I’m really impatient.

Keep Smiling Xx

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