How I store my makeup

How I store my makeup

Storing makeup has never been too much of a problem for me because I didn’t own too much perhaps until now. I’ve been building my collection only since the last 3 years and I have also been traveling back and forth from Japan to Home during this time therefore I always had them in pouches so I could just shove them into my luggage whenever I needed.

So as the title has already told you I am going to be sharing with you how I store my makeup.

I already told you about my love for F21’s Kiss & Makeup collection in my haul post last time. This makeup bag was my very first buy from this collection. I bought this when the collection came out for the very first time around winter last year. This collection is back and with a bang in a much larger scale at F21 this winter.

This pouch is along with being super pretty and sexy it also is very spacious. Also don’t you love how it has a Kate Spade-ish feel?? IMG_5384.JPG

I got another pouch from F21 earlier this year as my makeup collection grew. I wanted another of a Kiss&makeup pouch but it wasnt available at that time of the year. But I found something equally witty and cute. It reads ‘WHAT’ on one side and ‘EVER’ on the other. It isn’t as spacious as the one above but I didn’t need a huge one back then.IMG_5427.JPG

Last month I found this cute tiny Michael Kors fulton travel/cosmetic pouch in Aqua. Honestly it was the color that attracted me to it. Although not a fan of the huge MK logo on it (wish it was smaller), I thought it was the perfect size to use as a travel makeup pouch. I mean for short travels where I just need a few essentials like a liner, lipstick, etc. I hate when makeup gets lost inside the handbag and then having to send a search party for it. Let’s just say my new year resolution would be on the lines of becoming a bit more organized and neat. Also I needed a reason to get this pouch.IMG_5385.JPG

I don’t travel that often now. I mean I’m back home and embracing the more settled lifestyle. All of my makeup collection after my recent trip to Japan do not fit into my makeup pouches anymore and I feel its time to move on.

I am looking to buy a makeup train so I can organize my makeup more efficiently. However, I  haven’t found a proper one yet. If any one of you know a good online store where I can get some nice makeup storage cases ( with international shipping+ not too expensive)  please let me know… I would be eternally grateful *virtual hugs*

Also let me know how you store your makeup in the comments below because I really want to know. :*

Keep Smiling!! Xx

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