6 Reasons Why I Love Hanna Marin

6 Reasons Why I Love Hanna Marin

Pretty Little Liars is and has been my favourite tv show since the day it aired its pilot episode. Season breaks are sad and I’m waiting for the Christmas special episode on Dec 9. While I wait and obsess over the lack of the liars in my life, I got into thinking all the reasons why Hanna Marin is my favourite character (along with Spencer Hastings of course).

Hanna is hilarious and has some of the best one liners/dialogues and scenes in the show.

So here why I love her soo soo much!

1. She can say literally anything and get away with it.


2. She knows the importance of dressing well and (perhaps a lil too much), But hey who are we to judge.

hanna 3

3. Shes not afraid of speaking the truth and she does it at every opportunity especially with Mona.

Hanna-quote-9trip to oz

4. Shes not someone who’s gonna sit around and wait for things to happen.


5. Shes knows what self-importance is all about.


6. She cares about the people she loves and would go to the moon and back for them.

tumblr_ncon3gAb771ts5h33o9_500Now I shall get back to reading PLL memes and fan fiction 😉

Keep Smiling Xx


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