My Blogging Story: Celebrating my 100th post!

My Blogging Story: Celebrating my 100th post!

Today marks the day of the 100th post being published on my blog and most certainly a day I never thought would come when I first created my blog. So what better day to share the story behind how this blog came into existence.


It all started with this class I took back in university. This should explain the my first few posts. Let me be honest and say that I knew nothing about blogs or blogging before this. As the class started I was wary of how much I needed to write and also channel my inner creativeness(which I believed never existed) . But with each assignment/post I started enjoying writing a bit more. I loved the liberty it gave me. I could write on whatever I wished in whatever way I wanted.

By the time the class ended back in mid 2012 writing blog post (although mostly academical) had become a beautiful part of my life. So I decided to continue.
But the biggest problem was what do I write about? I mean I could write decently since school but never did I ever enjoy it and I would never describe myself creative. It just wasnt part of my plans for myself.

Finally I came to the conclusion that I should write about the stuff I enjoy,look at in awe or about the things I feel should be spoken about.I wanted my blog to be a tiny angle of the complex triangle my personality is. It took me almost 2 years to channel the dormant creative gene and start writing. I didn’t know if I was good and I still have my doubts but I had so much to share, life gave me so much interesting things to talk of and I did start sharing consistently from last January. Blogging became an important part of my life. I could put my thoughts down somewhere and share the little good parts of life. I could be myself and be accepted if not approved. Aint that a wonderful feeling eh?

My love for shopping, finding the perfect pair of shoes, or what I thought of a makeup product or a place with good food deserved to be spoken of. Why? because it gives happiness and life is complete with happiness. The internal woes, the stress that comes with this digitalized lifestyle perhaps for a few hours needs to look small. There have been many a times when I’ve read bloggers talking of issues (be it beauty/fashion or just life) that I thought only I was stressing over and reading their story always made life so much easier. Perhaps this is my little attempt to reach others with my little stories from my interests and life.

On a final note, I want to thank all my followers and readers for their support. It means alot and I really appreciate it. You guys are amazing!

Always Keep Smiling Xx

Love, Hajara

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