Arm candies that I dare not buy!

Arm candies that I dare not buy!

I love pretty things. I also love what some would call weird stuff or what I call pretty crazy quirky stuff that make me weak in the knee with an extra dose of happiness sprinkled all around. I just love how they manage to make life less mediocre (Mediocre is not cool!). They are actually a direct translation of my personality. I do end up buying most of these ‘doses of happiness’ but when it comes to bags that cost more than my life savings I tend to live a bit more maturely and take them off my shopping list with a sob and place them permanently in my wish list. I’d never really understand my love for such cute stuff. I guess somethings are unexplainable and being an odd ball is very much me, it’s what makes me tick! :*

Kate Spade All Aboard Clock Crossbody

Do you know how hard a decision it is when you have to choose maturity over craziness? especially when you know you can carry crazy elegantly? In case your confused, just know that’s exactly how I felt when I had to leave back this clock crossbody at Kate Spade…

kate spade clock

Anne Sui Carriage Handbag

Gorgeous aint it! I can think of millions of outfits I can pair this with but I am still thinking hard on pushing it off my wish list into my shopping list. (Dont Judge! 😦 )

anne sui

Chanel Shopping Basket Handbag

I saw this Chanel shopping basket being slapped left and right at the Spring 2015 Runway Events and I was in love until I started hallucinating a scene where people around me kept asking me when have I begun grocery shopping. I mean I don’t even know all the vegetable by name. (Why am I rambling about vegetables above a picture of a heartbreaking Chanel handbag?! *sigh* )


Do you have anything that is doomed to stay in your wish list forever? Let me know in a comment below. 🙂

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