Fall Must Haves 2014

Fall Must Haves 2014

Fall is here. it’s another season therefore its time for a new ‘must haves’ post. Just like all other seasons, I am gonna list up a few clothes that you must have this fall season this year! šŸ˜‰

1. Lace

Got this from Topshop. It’s a top I usually pair with a plain skirt(but that’s just me).

It’s everywhere, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be in our wardrobe. My advice, I know its very pretty but don’t overdo it. Remember mix and match is the key here. Dresses, tops or skirts just get whatever that suits your taste buds the best and wear them like a pro!

2. Cape blazer

Champagne Taste Cape Blazer – Burgundy via Nasty Gal

I’m in love with these but I haven’t managed to get my hands on one yet. In my view, this should remain a permanent member in your wardrobe. They are beyond awesome! Check out Nasty Gals collection of Cape Blazers HERE!

3. Poncho Coat

Poncho coat via ZARA

Don’t they look cool?! Add this to your wardrobe to beat those growing chills. Check out the Poncho’s offered by ZARA HERE

4. Palazzo Pants

Extra wide palazzo pants from ZARA

When style and comfort walks hand in hand, I don’t see why you shouldn’t own one of these amazing version of a pant. I just got myself one from H&M and cant wait to wear it!.

5. Leather Pants


Let me be honest and say I wasn’t very sure of putting this in the list but then I seriously think it’s a must have with the condition that its worn right. Leather pants can easily look tacky therefore you need to keep your look simple and classy to pull it off but they are sure a must have this season to experiment away. And they’d probably keep your legs warm too.

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