My Name on a Lipstick

My Name on a Lipstick

I got my name engraved on my lipstick. On a more honest note, I spent hours and money on a lipstick shade so I can have my name engraved on it!!! #girlproblems
I was out on a rather almost embarrassing shopping spree. I was shopping like an animal! No, a crazy woman. I was shopping like a crazy woman, because I’m a woman and crazy!
I had to stop by at Estée Lauder to get my mom something when I spotted a display of engraved lipsticks.
Despite language barriers I made the sales woman(who was superbly sweet) explain to me how it worked and how long it took. She said I just had to pay for the lipstick I wanted and the engraving was free and it would only take a minute to do so.
I knew I wanted my name on a lipstick (I like my name on everything I own in fact… Quite a territorial human) so I spent almost 30 minutes finding the shade I wanted and got mine done. It’s oh so adorable… 😀

There’s an option to have hearts, stars, Halloween pumpkins, clovers or just these ~ on either side of your name. I chose the hearts.


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