An Evening at the Mall: Food and Mini Shopping Haul

An Evening at the Mall: Food and Mini Shopping Haul

Since I’m in Japan, shopping and food sort of rule my life whenever I’m not lost in oblivion unleashing my creative energy. So yesterday late afternoon was spent at my favourite mall Lalaport Yokohama where I ate food I didn’t have to (someone should be counting the damn calories) and stuff I don’t really need. #shopaholicproblems and I can’t even justify the food because I ain’t even a foodie so I’d just hand over the credit to my crazy family for that one.

So What we Ate:

Nacho Cheese Fries (Cheese and fries in one plate…aint that close to heaven, I shall take a moment to Thank God for this blessing)


New York Style Cheese cake (that we all leapt into and finished off in a jiffy)IMG_4982.JPG

I don’t have coffee on a normal day since I end up with insomnia. This was my Aunts cappuccino and it was pretty, I like pretty things so it made its way to this post!


Basil and Mozzarella Spaghetti (because we needed some real food)IMG_4981.JPG

My Mini Shopping Haul:

A Hatbox handbag in the color white from Charles and Keith. ( Because hatbox handbags are the ‘thing’ this season)IMG_5026.JPG

A pyjama top from Forever 21 😛IMG_5027.JPG

Old Navy had a crazy sale going on for a few summer clothes and since I live in an Island where its summer 365 days I decided to not let the chance pas away…

This long orange topIMG_5029.JPG

And a t-shirt…

IMG_4994.JPGDon’t forget to Like and Share.

Also leave your thoughts, opinions and comments below… I love reading them 🙂

Keep Smiling Xx

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