A Day at Tokyo Disney Sea

A Day at Tokyo Disney Sea

I spent the whole of yesterday at Disney Sea with 3 women from my gigantic family, Aunt, Cousin and Sister-in-law. And yes I’m back in japan,**wohooo** just for a short holiday though. I really wanted to put up this post last night itself (as in before midnight strikes and its officially a new day) but I was soo tired after the day that I kept dozing off after typing every sentence. As a result I’m posting this up a day late.

I chose the Donald duck day passport 😛 (more like grabbed it)


I managed to get a pretty good shot of the globe in water just like the one at Universal studios although this one’s was minus the name for obvious reasons. I mean that’s what came to mind when I saw this.


This isn’t my first time to Disney sea  in fact I’ve been there at least 4 times before so I totally had a list of things I wanted to eat. *popcorn* *ice cream*

I used to love their earlier version of the sea salt ice cream but this one wasn’t too bad except I didn’t dig the jam like thing in it made of some berry.IMG_4905.JPG

And then of course this Mickey dude sandwich, it tastes fabulous. IMG_4903.JPG although its fall already, the sun was quite strong until it was around 4 so the ice cream helped alot!

I binged on caramel popcorn far too many times at a disturbing speed that the thought of capturing a mouth-watering picture of it just happened to escape my mind each time.

Then comes the happily ever after part. The part where you get souvenirs. Last time I was at Disney Land I got myself a glass shoe *cinderella style* with my name engraved on it.

This time I just got myself two of the most cutest souvenirs ever because I believe in surrounding myself with everything that resonates happiness.

This headband with the sailor hat attached with Mickey hanging on one ear was what I paraded around on my head the whole day long. I wore royal blue and therefore it matched my hijab perfectly. IMG_4900-0.JPG

On another note, orange flavored water tastes YUCK!

Then to my most favourite goodie ever, this Maleficent winter headgear thingy (I don’t know what these are called and if you do please let me know in the comments section below :*) I saw a woman wearing this while I waited in queue for a ride and since then searched every souvenir store in the park for the same until I found it at the large one near the exit 😀 . I mean look at those horns!! Maleficent is officially my favourite disney character!IMG_4913.JPG

If you’re wondering why the rides haven’t been mentioned, it is because scary ones scare me(and i’ve been on all of them) and I gracefully avoided them this time and also I don’t think you would wanna read about the gondola ride I took or the Sinbad the sailor storybook ride.

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