Devouring My Last Week in Japan

Devouring My Last Week in Japan

I have perhaps dwelled on way too many occasions how my years in Japan helped me look deep into the untapped parts of my genetic code and find myself. I have somewhat lived with the misconception that change is bad but that was the thought of child who resisted change, resisted the unknown. Years later in a foreign locale I became the most evolved me that has ever been. I evolved to accept change because perhaps that’s the only constant around.

But do you know finding oneself doesn’t necessarily suggest the involvement of wonders, miracles and superficial animated creatures, rather it lies in simple things(at least that’s how I think it is). Food played a surprisingly rather important part in teaching me to sit back and take a sip of all what life has blessed me with. For the first time since I was born I learnt to enjoy food, be grateful for it and take life with a pinch of salt. I learnt to rely on food while I stressed myself during exam week, I learnt to try new cuisines/dishes(most of which I have come to love) and I found that pancakes on a dewy morning is perhaps one enchanting experience.

So when my time in Japan came to an end, I thought I should go have my ‘until next-time’ moments at all my favorite places. I couldn’t think of any other way to say goodbye…

1. The Best Cheesecakes

This place in Lalaport, Yokohama was our go-to place whenever we were hungry/exhausted after a day of shopping. 20140802-232107-84067452.jpg

2. Sushiro

This was where the impossible happened, this was where I started loving(and eventually craving) japanese food. And the whole conveyor belt setting always got me excited. So many days of family time spent here.


3. Kebab

Too many good times so I had to indulge one last time before leaving…20140802-232107-84067284.jpg

4. Margherita Pizza at Napoli

Always the go-to place as we have our girl talk sessions.

5. Toho Cinemas and its caramel popcorn

I lub you and miss you so much.

6. My aunt took me to sizzler(finally) and I loved it. Wish I had listened to her and gone in there before. they’ve got one helluva salad bar *sigh*.20140802-232107-84067619.jpg

7. Bubba Gump

Again a new place with such good food. It was like shrimp overloaded into my system. At least I know it’s a must visit next time I am there.20140802-232106-84066927.jpg

Goodbyes arent cool but they are part and parcel of life. This was how I spent my last week in Japan. Good memories are to be cherished and thus I made a few more as I wrote my last page of this chapter of my life.

Now let me get back to shedding all those calories 😉

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Keep Smiling! xx

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