Shopping Haul: At the Airport

Shopping Haul: At the Airport

Just a month and a couple of days ago I had a transit at Changi Airport, Singapore. Even after spending an hour each at two different burger joints I still had time to kill. I thought I should sit silently and read. However, it did not take too long before the shopaholic in me made a somersault and made its comeback. On my defense, at least I shopped for essentials (mostly!) 😉

This is my first ever ‘Shopping Haul’ post. I really hope you guys would enjoy it and also hope to make many similar posts in future. Share/Like/Comment and let me know what you think of it.

So back to the haul, these were what I bought


1.Dior Addict IT-LINE

I told you how I finished my old liquid liner and needed a new one. I found this one from Dior and I have mixed feelings about it. I expected a bit more sophistication and technology. Nevertheless, it looks good and does the job. (Review HERE)



I really badly needed a makeup remover so that I don’t pluck my eyelashes out trying to remove my mascara. This is the oil based one that removes waterproof makeup. They also had a water based one that does not remove waterproof makeup and I still question its existence. I am in love with this product. It does its job too well and it’s priced reasonably. It even takes off my favourite Mac matte shades very efficiently which are otherwise next to impossible to take off.



I have this rotten habit of shopping on the flight. Blame it on the long hours or the shopaholic in me this habit creeps up every time I’m on a flight. I even justify it with something like “I am letting my parents know I am alive and kicking amidst the clouds”. 

I have always wanted one of this solid perfume chains but the only one I saw was from Swarovski but I didn’t like how it had a black ropey-looking something for the chain part. When I saw this Marc Jacobs one I fell in love. Everything about it was perfect; the gold chain, the pendant itself and the fragrance.

IMG_4595.JPGAlso perhaps this is the only Marc Jacobs that didn’t go like ‘Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs from Marc Jacobs to Marc Jacobs’ 😛 And that automatically added to it desirability 😉

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Keep Smiling! xx

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