Want your own Dora’s backpack? Find the nearest Louis Vuitton store!

Want your own Dora’s backpack? Find the nearest Louis Vuitton store!

IMG_4458.PNG                Photo Courtesy: Louis Vuitton Official Instagram

I would never understand on what basis designer brands choose the right name for each of their products, especially since theres always a century of difference between how the product looks and what its called. Like why would I name roughly a few thousand dollars prized bag Dora?
Dora. That’s exactly what Louis Vuitton’s new bag series this Fall 2014 is called. A series that is said to be “Inspired by the Maison’s travel and fashion heritage”.

My first thought was whether this was seriously a tribute to the rather infamous Dora’s backpack that has everything from a ladder to a hair clip neatly packed in it. Maybe its  the travel part of Dora the explorers life that inspired the name?! 😛
On the other hand, it’s a decent bag, nothing too out of the ordinary for LV. If serious, mature and sophistication are the three combinations you look for when buying your arm candy, this series may interest you. I thought the PM ones looked better than the AM ones.
I know this is one random post, but trust me when I say the naming procedures need to be analyzed when it comes to these high end designers since they come up with rather interestingly boring choices more often than not. And this particular choice by LV had me in splits so I had to share my thoughts with all of you.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the post or the bag below.

Keep Smiling! xx

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