Ted Baker may have become one of my favorites!

Ted Baker may have become one of my favorites!

It happens quite rarely where you walk into a store, fall in love with something that is dramatically waiting for you with spotlights and prettiness on the shelf( I hate how I sound so materialistic but trust me this was real beauty!) The CIERRA leather round tassel clutch bag from Ted Bakers was/is a showstopper in itself. However, I didn’t need a clutch nor was I looking for (see, need and want are far tangents) therefore I didn’t buy it. However, a dream, a thought and a day later I walked into Takashimaya in Shinjuku to buy it. This was all a part of my ‘leaving Japan shopping spree’ which you would know if you have been following me on Instagram/Twitter (link below).

Apart from having some of the prettiest stuff ever, Ted Bakers has one attractively designed shopping bag 😛 with a ribbon tied too 😛


And I love how they wrap your purchase in a purple wrapping paper sealed with a sticker that says ” NO ORDINARY PURCHASE”. It’s like a gift from you to yourself and the best part is unwrapping it when you get home! 😀


I was a bit annoyed that they had only one piece of the clutch bag in each color and the red one was on display. But the saleswoman informed/convinced me that since it was part of fall new arrivals collection it had only arrived to the stores the day before and hadn’t been on display for too long.

The Cierra leather round tassel clutch bag is available in black,blue,pink and red. I battled between the blue and the red one with obviously the red one winning.

IMG_4382.JPGCIERRA leather round tassel clutch bag

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