The Great Escape By Michael Kors

The Great Escape By Michael Kors

I think it has been established by now quite clearly how much I adore the Michael Kors collection. It’s a store that awakens the crazy shopaholic in me. The new collection by Michael Kors is inspired by travel, adventure and the wilderness, and is aptly named the ‘Great Escape’.

I have my favorites from this collection so I made my little list below.(You can also check out my favorites from the spring 2014 collection HERE).

1. JET SET TRAVEL Small Travel Tote (color: blush)

I love the blush shade. If you are planning on a signature MK Tote style, then this one in blush should totally top the list (it’s on mine! 😉 )

2. MARINA Large grab bag

When I at the store making a purchase, this grab bag kept grabbing(no pun intended) my attention constantly. The colorful batik print and the rope-y handle produces a chic and casual style. I keep picturing it to be perfect to carry while taking a stroll around the locale at an interesting holiday destination.

3. MIRANDA novelty Windsor bag

Wanna travel like the graceful person you are? Then she’s your royal mascot.

4. BILLY Medium Shoulder Bag

If I go on a wild safari (preferably somewhere in the wilderness of Africa) I would totally take this shoulder bag. I love the color,the style and all how it is designed.

5. FULTON Medium Shoulder Bag Tote (Luggage)

Isn’t it like super cute? It’s like a baby potato and for some reason I like that! 😛

Let me know what you think of this seasons MK collection below in your comments.

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