The Travel Must Haves!

The Travel Must Haves!

I will be flying across the seas when this post is out, which is how the idea of this very post came into existence. Having spent the last few days packing away, I was thinking about the little travel must haves I carry with me every time I fly.

I hate flying! I wish we could just apparate to our destination but unfortunately we are just boring old muggles in a not-hogwarts setting and have to take the sad old obsolete ways of transportation.

I am aerophobic/acrophobic but that’s not the only reasons why I hate flying. I mean I don’t understand the pleasure in being confined to a seat for hours with horrible food at your service and a bunch of movies that you’ve already watched.

However in life, you can’t have it all which is why I in the past three years have been travelling on an average every two months. This experience has given me ample trial and errors to figure out the few necessities you need to carry while travelling to bring some comfort into those hours.

1. Travel Pillow

20140802-234101-85261647.jpgLong flight and an extra pillow… whats not right about that? Its flexible which means you can bend/twist it to find the most comfortable pillow position to sleep. I don’t like the bean bag like ones and I would totally recommend a proper hard pillowy ones(I hope you get what I’m trying to say…its past midnight and I am totally not pillow-savvy).

2. A Good Book

20140805-183419-66859876.jpgWhen you can’t sleep any more, have watched all the movies and eaten all the food you can, having a good book of your taste would totally help to keep you occupied and kill time.

3. Moisturizing Cream


It gets all dry and I have come to the conclusion its best to carry one.

4.Blazer/jacket/sweater/shawl something that can keep you warm

20140403-200507.jpgSo every time I don’t carry one, the flight has it’s A/C up to a high and I end up freezing (and obviously the blanket they provide isn’t enough to cover me from head to toe). Lesson learnt: Carry something to keep warm. Its better having one than taking that chance. Like I said comfort is way too important.

Let me know if I missed something.

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