6 Signs That Show You Have Reached Adulthood!

6 Signs That Show You Have Reached Adulthood!

Its been months since I officially became an adult and/or of legal age all around the globe. However, this adulthood thing just doesn’t arrive in a ribbon tied package early morning on your 21st birthday and therefore you hardly know when it’s arrived (mostly because we have our nose stuck up in fairy world). Therefore we all kind of need to take the time out to sit back ponder whether we are an adult yet.

So I decided since I am here all grown up and all (pshffft! 😉 )  I’m going to make life a tad bit easier and list down the 6 signs that I feel tells us that adulthood has arrived!

1. You got over your Highschool know-it-all attitude. In fact now you try to understand why you don’t know anything. *sigh*

2. Your country allows you to vote.

Now, in this case you may not want to be an adult but the law would definitely hold you against it! 😛

3. Your older relatives and friends tell you details of their life that you do not want to listen to, even if they paid you a million dollars but you still listen to  (because you-now-the-mature-adult-human-thing)

4. You finally walked out of the personalized Disney world inside your head and saw the world for what it is. Yes, that’s the time when you realized it’s really a big bad world out there!

5. You start worrying about money for real. Like who’s gonna pay for that Salvatore Bag I really badly want! ( *Jeez* guys don’t judge, food,travel and rent are definitely on the list too 😀 )

6. You constantly remember and mush over your “childhood”. Thus, the reality of it being a thing in the past is shown on center stage spotlight and now you are the adult (who obviously want to go hide back in your pillow fort).

The truth is most of us just want to give up being a grown up just after the first few months of it but we are not left with much choice, are we?! However, its vital to realize being a grown up/ adult has more to do with being responsible and less with trying to change yourself (unless your like all irresponsible because the you have to evolve) and be foolishly boring. You just have to be a much responsible and better human than you were 10 years ago. 🙂 More often than not, we feel pressured, scrutinized and confused, and we end up feeling quite lost and low. But hey, you made it here right? So just keep believing in yourself, it will take you places, help you fight hurdles that you never thought  you could!

Keep Smiling! xx

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