My summer stresses and how I deal with them

My summer stresses and how I deal with them

The hot summer weather is looked forward and love by many especially if you have had a rough long torturous winter season. While everyone wants to go to the beach and get a tan I sit around paranoid about getting sunburns, chapped lips and sweating buckets. I’m certain that I am not the only one stressing about these. *girl-problems* ūüėČ

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After years of trial and error I think I have finally figured out the right products to use to kick the worries that summer brings along with it.

1.¬†SUNSCREEN 20140715-115819-43099681.jpgSunburns are a major problem for me whenever the sun is¬†out given my brown/olive/warm toned skin(I think I almost got that description right…:P ). Therefore its a huge stress to make sure I remain covered and protected from the rays. I use the Shiseido perfect UV protector with SPF 50+ which seems perfect especially with its non oily nature, easy packaging and the moisture feel it leaves behind. (Detailed product review HERE **coming soon**).

2. Lip Balm 20140724-173048-63048991.jpg None of the lip balms I’ve tried¬†beats the Maybelline baby lips collection. It keeps your lips moistened¬†¬†for an impressively long period (they promise 8hrs). It’s cute, colorful and have a large collection to choose your favorite¬†one from).

3.¬†Fragrance Mist 20140724-172707-62827355.jpg I use this Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist in apple blossom & ylang-ylang which was a gift from a friend. I saved it for summer and I have really started loving it since. The fresh feel it gives off is great and also helps to keep us smelling good. A few sprays would instantly make you smell and feel fresh especially since it has aloe vera and Chamomile infused in its spray. VS offers a large collection of fragrance mist to choose from.

P.s. I always carry a mini perfume with me regardless of the season. It’s a necessity! And keep yourself hydrated enough during the hot summer days( heat strokes and fainting aint cool)

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Despite the stresses, summer is a new season so that means shopping and sorting your wardrobe so check out the Summer Must Haves! if you havent already.

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