Style Diaries: Color Blocking

Style Diaries: Color Blocking

Color blocking (color blocking) is wearing multiple solid bold colors in an outfit.

And I love color blocking. Its my thing. I don’t say I always get it right but I find it very stressful to go the usual matched up ways and quite honestly they are way too boring (Id rather be ridiculously interesting than boring 😉 ). It bothers me if I don’t throw in a random color into my outfit and the happiness that brings in is beyond words. That’s me being unapologetically myself!

However, saying that I do not want to step out of the looking like my moms duster so I have three ground rules that I follow to keep it sane and stylish 😉 Heres the three rules I follow to not overwhelm the humans around me with my personality 😉 teeheee

1. No Xmas Trees

I know they are beautiful, pretty and bling but you just cannot become one. They strictly belong in the living room so I stay away from mixing red and green. It’s a very rare chance when you can make a green-red look work because more often than not you come looking like a tree, elf or a pot, and non of them are flattering. I always and whenever possible try avoiding  it.

2. Color Block Shoes…

20140718-112834-41314269.jpgColor Block Ballerinas from Charles & Keith

…to work color blocking like a queen! If it’s not your day to dive deep into experimenting then the best rule to resort to is this. Worn with monochrome shades and sober shades,the splash of color gives a great deal of personality.

3. Break it with Black

whenever I feel like I’ve gotten way too excited and gone out of control with my colors I bring in the breaking effect using black. I bring in a pair of black pumps,a belt or a pair of  leggings to break the over flow of colors.

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