Pancakes and Maple Syrup

Pancakes and Maple Syrup

20140709-104252-38572029.jpgAutumn or fall brings in with it pancakes and maple syrup.However I’m in love with these delicious plates of pancakes served with sweet maple syrup poured in abundance in summer itself. And anyways there’s no steadfast rule that you become pancake obsessed only in Fall right! I never have tasted maple syrup until a month ago(given my dislike for honey and extremely sweet stuff) but from the day I did taste it I’m like craving for it every two days.

Having just finished Iftaar and a cancelled plan to go get pancakes(thanks to the typhoon/rain) I am sitting in here writing a tribute to my summer food love. This is definitely something I would miss about Japan…

Plenty of hot butter pancakes….

And a jar of maple syrup…20140710-003237-1957416.jpgIts sweet bliss. While you sit on a day in Ramadan trying to better yourself, wash your sins and do good you definitely learn to be grateful for the food you have. Lets rid ourselves from wastefulness and ungratefulness!

Cheers xx

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