Life in the Intermediary

Life in the Intermediary


Something awakens my conscious in the background, I toss and turn trying to shut it out. I reach out to the buzzing phone in a mid-state between life and death, the brain manages to recognize the sound. It’s the vicious snooze tab that is so fatal therefore I struggle to press my thumb to turn the alarm off. This was one of the four alarms I had set just minutes apart last night. The third alarm manages to get me back to the world of the living. I sit up confused and soon promise myself to sleep early tonight while cursing the morning. The morning so beautiful, the morning so new, the morning that brings hope so selflessly.

I jump up as consciousness dawns upon me, I peep off the window to see if my ride was here yet. “Nope, thank god!”, I sigh. Five minutes!! my mind screams, I need to leave home in five minutes or I am gonna be super late. The thought buzzes around with the characteristics of a hurricane.I run around the house like it’s a maze trying to gather my stuff and with enough chaos I run out the door only to be halted as I seat myself into the vehicle that’s supposed to take me to my destination. The ride to get an education is long. With earphones in, I dive into my imaginary world looking out the window as I play little skits in my head.

I run the stairs careful not to trip off my beige wedge heels. I make it to class almost in time and that’s absolutely relieving 😛 I find my comfort seat in the classroom dump my bags , open my laptop tune myself at a wave length between the lecturers voice and the voices in my head.

The hour times two stretches long and well. I unsuccessfully try to sublime a yawn into a look of interest. My stomach fighting hard not to let the whales sing, its high time I learn to eat breakfast on time I scold myself perhaps for the billionth time. My mind spirals into the familiar maze as I draw similarities between the theories of the economics and life. I manage to plan a bit of the future, go mind shopping and make a beautiful fiction story in my head with just a whole load of graphs being displayed in front of me.

The randomness baffles. My day torn between responsible and carefree. My life torn between child and adult. But my mind ruling its way with its own born in weirdness and that so quite in pride.
Thus was my day as a college student. Thus is the day of a college student. Random, torn and trying to gather what’s beyond us while we pretend like we got it all sorted. 😛


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