Summer Must haves!

Summer Must haves!

I’m back yet again with the list of must haves for this season. The sun is out and somewhere its a love-hate relationship. Another season means new look, a new wardrobe (not really) and another reason to shop.

So here I am with the list of what you need in your wardrobe this summer to beat the heat and stay in style while oozing out your uniqueness in whatever you wear(because that’s very important!). And like L’oreal says, “You’re worth it!”. 😉

1. Text T-shirts

I am like super obsessed with these. It’s really warm and T-shirts just makes you stay comfortable. And the amount of text tees thrown at me everyone time I go shopping justifies how I caught the fever. I like them! 😉

20140701-145733-53853665.jpgAbove:  Grey ZARA T-shirt with Text and ZARA Limited Edition T-shirt

2. Maxi dress in light soft materials

Summer tends to be the season with a confused itinerary. It can be blazing hot or change to pouring rain any minute. SO its best to have a backup option in your wardrobe. And for people like me who needs to stay covered (or is modest the word? anyways you get the point) maxi dresses tend to be a perfect option. Throw in a cardigan/shirt/tees and we are set to go.



3. The Wide leg pants

Just a another way to stay comfortable, cool and yet stylish.

Bershka palazzo trousers

Also check out this Wide-leg Satin Pants by H&M ( I cannot embed the picture for some reason)


This is the summer ultimatum , they are everywhere and they are super cute. Even for someone who doesnt wear them I have checked hundreds of them out and had to buy one or two even if it means they are going to live in my wardrobe somewhere forever.

5. Summer dress

Sometimes you have to stick to the clichés and wear a summer dress or two or hundred during summer. Also they tend to be in flowy soft fabric that helps to beat the heat.


6. Light, soft pastel scarfs (for the hijabis)

These are available everywhere and is a must have in summer so that you don’t have a burning oven over your head or below your chin. I really feel pastel is the color this season and have been grabbing everything I can find in the shade. Its got the cooling effect I guess.



Teal: Scarves by Peony from Armoire caprice.

Pink: Forever 21

Peach floral : H&M

Anyways let me know what you thought and leave a comment below!


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