Shaded Mocha

Shaded Mocha

This is a post I have really been excited about but before I plunge into it, Happy Ramadan to everyone celebrating!

Inspired by a friend, I walked into the Mac store to find the perfect summer lip-shade that was destined to be my obsession this season. ‘Mocha’ from MAC’s large and interesting Satin Lipstick collection is an absolute gem.


It is a shade that what I would describe as a mix of nude,pink and peach with a strong brown undertone. However if you really layer it on a few times it tends to bring out a orangish mix to it.I absolutely adore this shade and it looks subtle and elegant as a shade. I prefer using it with a lip liner (mostly my usual red or Spice by MAC lip liners).

I love the satin-ness of this collection, as much as I love Matte shades they tend to dry my lips and the glossy ones tend to be too sticky and uncomfortable thus my least favorite kind. The satin collection is somewhere in between and offers the perfect feel for the lips. Its matte with a dab of non sticky oil or something of that sorts.

20140628-122603-44763556.jpgThat’s the lipstick (above)  and also how it looks on my skin (right).

The Good:

  • Gorgeous color that I believe compliments all kinds of skin tones.
  • Lasts long enough up to around 4 hours despite my constant drinking of water/soda and juice (I like myself hydrated peeps ).
  • The Satin-ness.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • It’s a shade that you easily play around. You mix it with other shades to create a custom lip color to match your mood/event/time.

The bad:

  • Nothing much except if you are not hydrated enough it tends to dry your lips. To avoid the dryness overall I try to use a lip balm or conditioner with all my lipsticks.

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