Style Diaries: My Graduation Outfit

Style Diaries: My Graduation Outfit

Happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂 When I wrote of my commencement ceremony and how I felt, I also promised to make a post on what I wore so here I am keeping my promise. I put in so much thought into my graduation outfit. I looked into many different options to go with. I was very clear I wanted it to be super special. Finally I zeroed in on getting it custom-made. Initially I was very nervous as I just couldn’t risk it becoming a disaster. However, once I saw the final result/fitting I was more than satisfied.

I wanted a dress in deep red. Once I briefed my designer how I wanted it and gave specifications on fabric and color she got to work. I loved the end result.

(I way too tired after the ceremony to get a pretty pic of the dress itself so unfortunately I have to use the only photograph I have which I used below *sigh*)20140623-192255-69775074.jpg

Color : Valentino Red

Fabric : Italian Silk; net and lace for the sleeves

Here’s a peak into the details.



I went for a red with gold look therefore had my accessories in gold to compliment the dress. I left my accessories to a minimum with just a gold watch and gold sandals.

I would love to hear what you thought about the post and also what you wore on your graduation so leave a comment below.




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