Cherry Picking and a River Bank Picnic!

Cherry Picking and a River Bank Picnic!

This weekend was family time entangled with an overdose of nature. It dazzles how nature beat any so-called man-made structures any day with its breathtaking beauty. We visited a very suburban part of Japan in the Yamanashi Prefecture where there were cherry farms were found. We pay per person and get to eat any amount of cherries that we pick.

We did some cherry picking, eating and gloating until we were too fruitfully full to go on.It was quite interesting. 20140614-173356-63236156.jpg I found a red cherry! 🙂

20140614-173356-63236914.jpg On the way from the parking to the farm we walked past some grape farms( that’s what you call them right?) The grapes weren’t ripe yet nevertheless it was a pretty sight! 20140614-173356-63236523.jpg After all the cherry picking, we went on to have a picnic (lunch) by a river bank. It was one beautiful place. I was awestruck by how photogenic the place was.20140614-173355-63235783.jpg   20140614-173355-63235348.jpg   20140614-173354-63234744.jpg

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