Clutch on with Jimmy Choos

Clutch on with Jimmy Choos

This post is in continuance to my post “Bling on with Jimmy Choos” which was about Jimmy Choo‘s blingiest shoe collection this season.  I promised to make a post also on the immaculate clutch and evening bag collection by Jimmy Choo that caught my eye, so here I am with it. P.s. I know the title is cheesier than cheesy but I had to… 😉

Beetle Green Cosma Disco Ball Clutch

Although its called green, I see more blue shades and I lub bluuuuu!!! It had to go on to the top of the, it has such a pretty shape that fits so well into your palms!

How elegant is this! The colors of the crystal and the metallic leather compliment each other beyond perfection!

Black with champagne and gold glitter is beautiful! I like! ❤
This particular clutch looks better in real than in the pic above and if paired especially paired one of the champagne/ Gold shoes from my earlier post Bling on with Jimmy Choos. True luxury!

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