20140610-095837-35917715.jpgDo you know how it feels to hold your dream in your hands? It feels exactly like a dream… So distant, so addictive, so beautiful, it’s a celebration in every nerve of yours and your dear ones. It is indeed a life defining moment.

I sit here still thinking did that just happen to me?! We have plenty of dreams as a child, ambitions overwhelm us however in few do we really have the courage to go ahead and achieve it. It is a blessing to have your dream depicted in front of you in better fonts than you ever imagined it to be. The moment was precious, I floated on stage as my name was called upon. It still feels like a dream…but nevertheless I graduated!  I DID IT!! wooooohooooo!
I’ve worked hard for this cap and robe I gleamed. This doesn’t happen everyday. It felt wonderful, yet vulnerable. I was afraid to move, to break the bubble as my mind struggles to read the reality… This was always a dream. I remain ever grateful to the almighty for reasons beyond explanation. I used to call this my life’s reason… To achieve this… That is all I ever wanted… To hold this piece of paper in my hand, watch my family grin with pride. A complete moment it was…. Little by little all afternoon the feeling crawled and crept into me…. I did it! We did it!!! I just graduated! I may not know what life holds in front of me but I sure walk away from these three years of my life with the belief that I have the courage to deal with what would be thrown at me. God gave this to me and he had a reason for it. I had dreamt of this moment for the past 15 years that when it finally arrived, it left me completely numb and like we were told hundred million times by the scholars guests at the commencement “this was my day to celebrate”. As much it may sound super cheesy, I lived my entire life for this moment, to see that look in my parents face. With the handful of family and friends watching me just across the stage and the other live streaming the event just across the ocean I felt like the princess with an army,always protected… Except now I’m not just a princess, that it just half of who I am (I stole that from Kiara,Lion King :P), I am a warrior too now , a warrior princess! 😉

This was my moment, mine alone!!

I felt pride, content and fulfilment all at once, is this why they say its vital to dream? Because holding that red envelope made me think how i wanted to keep dreaming, for bigger beautiful things, because I wanted to feel this way  at least once a decade… because this is just the beginning and because I want to be known as someone who wasn’t afraid to dream…

Check out what I wore on my graduation HERE !


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