Bling on with Jimmy Choos

Bling on with Jimmy Choos

Looking at the views for my post “Spring Fling by Michael Kors” I figured it was definitely the kind of post you wonderful people are interested in so I’m back with a similar post on Jimmy Choo.

I am a Shoe Fanatic, I am mad about them so you can imagine what the Jimmy Choo store does to me *haawwwwt* 😉

I was at Omotesando Hills yesterday wandering around and decided to peep into the Jimmy Choo store because curiosity kills and I cannot resist the urge to see pretty things.

I entered the prim and proper store looking at shelves of shoes, neat and nice but nothing I haven’t seen before. I kept parading further into the space when I caught sight of a window filled with the most gorgeous shoes and clutches in the most blingiest shades. The bling overload was a treat to the girl in me! They were designed so elegantly despite being of so much bling. So here I am sharing the prettiest and blingiest Jimmy Choos’ of this season.


Champagne Glitter Pointy Toe Stiletto Pumps (also in Gold)

This is the classic pumps and it’s just beautiful. The shimmer looks best when seen live than via pictures(for some reason).


I find pointy toe pumps very elegant. They tend to take your outfit to a whole new level and in gold? can it get any better?


Ok so this photograph seems to do no justice to this wonderful piece of art. In real, it looked really elegant despite the bling overload. Paired with an evening dress, it’s sure gonna sprinkle all the possible glitter into you. 🙂


The color and style just looks gorgeous so it makes the list. 😉


I’m in love with this one! ❤ Everything about it is just perfection…. ***gaaaaaahhhhh***


I really love how steady this one looks. Its has that total warrior princess look to it! Love! ❤
The thing about this particular sandal is that it can be worn with almost anything and would look great. Gold and black, one classic combo!


The duo colors are the reason it makes it to the list
Picture via official webpage
Let me know what you think.
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