A Dab of Gloss

A Dab of Gloss

I am not a huge fan of lip gloss but still sometimes it becomes necessary to own one or few to compliment a certain outfit or occasion. However, since long I have found it very difficult to find a proper gloss to just dab on top of my lipstick to give it that rightful shine or dab a little on my bare lips just to jazz up the plainness of a casual look.

Unexpectedly I came across this High Shimmer Lip gloss by Bobbi Brown called Bellini. It is a nude pink shade with a pearl shine finish. I’ve always wanted a pretty nude pink gloss that compliments my skin tone.


What I think of it: The color looks great, although it does not last long. However, it’s not like sticky which is awesome and the shine is perfect. Also it feels moisture enough on the lips.

The high shimmer lip gloss is mentioned as an award winning collection so probably the other shades are equally good although I haven’t tried it.

Let me know if you have tried it, or suggestions for more shades. 🙂

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