Wardrobe Must Have – Sequins

Wardrobe Must Have – Sequins

Nope…not a bag of sequins, I mean pretty sequin tops is a must have in your wardrobe.

After a month’s break in Sri Lanka, I am back to where the sun rises first. First day back at school and a few spare hours meant I had to take a stroll at the mall (although I left my wallet at home… a total FML moment :/ ).

I was at ZARA and found this breathtakingly beautiful yellowish tropical-ish sequined top (which I couldn’t buy since I was money less) and I always wanted a sequined top so bad. It was perfect… with equal ounces of chic and casual, it was subtle enough that I could where everyday but unfortunately hours googling and rampaging the ZARA website proved worthless and couldn’t find a picture of it to share with you nice peeps. If luck is on my side and it’s still available at the store, i shall pick it up and make a post exclusively about its prettiness 😀

If you are wondering why sequins is a must have in your wardrobe, let me explain. Don’t you have those days when you want to go out there and dazzle the world? blind them with all your awesomeness, shove it down their nose (just kidding 😉 ) and simply just be the shinning princess in armor that you really are?! The sequin tops/dresses in your wardrobe helps you look the part hun that’s precisely the reason they need to exist in some part of your precious wardrobe.

There are two simple ways of categorizing how sequined you want to be depending on the place/event/occasion and what suits your personality most. I dig both though…

Look 1:

When it’s all about comfort and the atmosphere is casual but still desperately calls for some bling, that’s when you go simple with pairing a sequined top like the one from ZARA in the pic below with a pair of jeans.

Via ZARA webpage

Look 2:

This is when it’s about going super daring and diva style. Something like this Mermaid sequin slip dress from TopShop would work wonders. Pair it with oodles of confidence and the right accessories and its a sure win!

Look 3: For those who think I’m insane for suggesting the 2 looks above and for the others who want to crawl into the sequins world instead of diving.

This is a sequined bolero i picked up at H&M (I think) awhile ago(not sure when exactly).


It works well to jazz up any outfit with the right amount of bling. A total must have I believe. TopShop has a blue one this season I believe. Go check it out HERE.


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