Exam week and the 5 junkfood I can’t say ‘NO’ to :/

Exam week and the 5 junkfood I can’t say ‘NO’ to :/

Last day of another crazy semester which means I went through a rather painful final exam week (more like month) and the only thing that tries to help your sanity is food. Yes, while everyone is pumping your pressure and the complex brain keeps increasing its complexity its food that soothes your mind. Not just any kind of food but junk food in particular. Its junk food that sits there giving you company while you turn your eyes red staying up all night or gives you the much needed energy boost when you forgot to eat your last two meals working on that madness of an assignment. *sigh* the life of a college student! And I have a list of five junk food in particular I just can’t say NO to because they are amazing! Yes they are absolutely bliss!!!

1. Burgers

20140411-153627.jpgI absolutely just love my burgers!!! McD, KFC, Burger King or anything that remotely looks like any of them and I am in. I genuinely get offended when people I’m close to eat burgers and forget of me. Like seriously how is that even possible!!

2. Coke 20140422-203614.jpg

Cola is my one stop shop for a utterly necessary sugar intake. ok i have no idea what I just said but I have always been sorted addicted to my carbonated companions *bad habit alert* *sigh*

3. Fries

20140411-153534.jpgBecause fries make everything seem so much better! 😉

4. Cake 20140411-153708.jpgI am not a very sweet person, but a good cake especially ones in Japan which taste so much less sweet in comparison, always manages to get you through even some really tiresome days.

5. Oreos

20140424-003010.jpgIf Oreo in anything is something you can resist…i might just be really impressed with your self control ;).

Now you can step back and smile at the five junk food that holds the currents to make life seem a tee bit more awesome for you. 🙂


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