Spring/summer essential: Shoes

Spring/summer essential: Shoes

While I am sitting before my laptop on this day that makes me wonder what happened to spring and why it feels like so much like winter suddenly I ironically decide to write another article that may help you with your spring shopping. Although today I just wanted my winter socks and boots back, it is officially mid spring and summer is not far away therefore everyone is shopping their way into the warmer seasons.Most of what you will be shopping is going to support you through the summer too. I mean since the change of season from spring to summer is too vague and short for the totally new shopping spree therefore it seems only practical to make some rightful choices while shopping during this time.This post focuses on the trend alert on shoes that is apt as a daily wear for both the spring and the summer season.

Most of us girls, including me love shoes. I absolutely adore them and just cannot help myself from noticing them anywhere and everywhere. And if any of you are confused what shoes you should include into your wardrobe this season, it is the wedge sandals. They are everywhere and in every shape and color. They are comfortable yet stylish and perfect for both spring and summer.

Here’s a few pretty one’s I came across.

Roberto Cavalli

Wedge Sole


Michael Kors

Damita Wedge Platform Sandals


Gravel data charm sandals20140413-003618.jpg

Jimmy Choo



Charles and Keith

Open Toe Slingback Wedges

Forever 21

Darling wedge sandals


Bershka crossed instep wedges

Watch out for more spring/summer essentials! 🙂

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