Because chocolate is good for you!!!

Because chocolate is good for you!!!

Perhaps one of the most beautiful streets in Japan giving every architect a platform to show off. I love walking down the street where the Omotesando Hills is located in Omotesando (of course). A swift visit to a few stores around, we halted at this one chocolatiers ‘Max Brenner’s‘ where I’ve always wanted to try. However, the Japanese custom of queuing and my island impatience just do not always work. Unlike its usual long probably more than 200 people long queue, on this warm sunny day the queue happened to be shorter. We had to test our patience for like only 30 minutes( YAY -_- ). But somethings are worth it and this experience at Max Brenner’s was surely worth it. I think Max Brenner’s should be in every chocoholics bucket list because they let you celebrate chocolate and even make them look too cute that it hurts!

So I order this dish called ‘Munchies’ which is waffles with whipped cream and two flavors of ice cream with chocolate overdose of course 😉 If anyone does visit this place, I recommend this dish for sure!


I do not remember the name if this dish but its lava cake with ice cream basically. It was good too.20140415-135747.jpg

I think this drink was called the 80’s chocolate or something on those lines. It tastes good but it was just too much sweet for me so the next time ill bail out of the drink. The ice cream sticking out from the top is quite interesting don’t you think?!

20140415-135753.jpgFinal week of this semester and this was an absolute treat for me while I’m stressing off about everything. One of the walls at Brenner’s said ‘Chocolate is good for you’ and I could find no reason to disagree… I mean for a moment even my pile of assignments did not seem too tall! 😀

Have a good Friday all you wonderful humans! ❤

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