While browsing through my news feed on Facebook one fine day, I came across a hashtag on a picture posted on the Michael Kors official page. The hashtag read ” #whatsInYourKors” with a pretty picture of things you normally carry in your bag and I found that intriguing. Then I found on twitter, people posting pictures for this hashtag. And the girl in me screamed, jumped and was adamant to do this tag. If you ask why? I happen to adore MK ,also seem to have an emotional connect with my bag (its like that old T-shirt you have who knows so much about you!) and it almost always manages to make me smile 😀

Now let me stop ranting and explain the deepness of this post to all you pretty people out there. The handbag is like Dora’s backpack for every woman (most at least). We have like everything dumped in, inside in our self-made territorial planning way and I believe we usually love each and every thing in it. So I don’t step out without these few essential in my bag.


I also try very hard to carry some band aids bandages  (*shoe cuts hurt!*)  but always forget to 😦

Oh and I also tried to get some nice lighting to make the picture all pretty **Blush** 😀

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