Nature has so much beauty to offer and always manages to leave you awestruck. But there’s one phase in nature that I am especially fascinated by, which is the transition period from one season to the next. May it be summer to fall or fall to winter or winter to spring, they are all equally endearing and beautiful. But what I saw over the weekend has left me dumbstruck in awe at nature once again.

My large and extended family set out on another ski trip managing to  find snow even mid spring. We went to a place called shiga Kogen in Nagano around 300 km from Yokohama. Check out the map HERE

So back to what really took my breath away… It was the transition of seasons I saw while my long journey. As we ascended up the majestic mountains I saw a transition, where the lower mountains filled with brown/green trees with sakura in shades of pink sprinkled around and higher up the mountains still had snow, a lot of snow, some looked like cookie n cream ice cream (as described my 12-year-old cousin) and some just pure innocence.


By the time I reached the hotel I fell sick with a fever, and not wanting to get myself feeling worse(especially during final week) I decided not to ski spending my hours asleep while everyone enjoyed skiing (my bad 😦 ) However, I managed to click some interesting pictures along my journey.

The Ski resort we were at was called Shiga Kogen Olympic Ski Resort and I did not know until I saw the frame below in the hotel lobby that this was where Nagano 1998 Olympic winter games was hosted.



It was around 10 degrees celsius (apparently) when I took these photos. The image below was decoration at the entrance of the hotel.


This beautiful butterfly was lying on the ground when we found it, it was injured 😦 Probably someone trampled it or something. Look at those wings and they are hairier than usual which is figured is an adaptation to the cold weather.


The Ski place is literally next to the hotel and the photo below was clicked just where the snow meets the concretes of the car park. Since I was sick and sneezing at 15/min rate I was not able to walk the ski mountain or even click a few pictures of it 😦



More ” on the way” photos…




This is my super favorite photograph (below) and is the first ever frozen lake I have seen. Isn’t it picturesque!?! I could not help thinking Frozen: the movie and also wondering whether people ice skate here during winter. I’m just super thrilled I managed to click a good picture of this lake! 🙂


This was where my weekend was spent. Writing this post after having done two assignments , 1 report and a test for the day, is very refreshing. *Note to self: Publish the long pending #whatsinyourkors post soon!* (Tomorrow I promise!)


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