Now you can eat them too!

Now you can eat them too!

They have you drooling with their impeccable designing skills and unquestionably strong brand image. I keep thinking how extremely skilled the marketing teams’ of the big designer brands are. They literally have the ability to make someone spend thousands of dollars just for the name written on their product. The quality and excellence and everything do come into play but what I’m referring to (in awe) is how they make people buy/wear even some of the horrendous designs ever.

Another thing that really intrigues me is that there is someone out there who is being paid billions for coming up with ideas to expand their product line and make their presence in every aspect of your life (That job and those fringe benefits!). Clothing to accessories to perfumes to what not. Just when I thought designer brands are everywhere, I was proven wrong.

I came across Designer chocolates!! Yes you read that right and they are real stuff!! Now you can wear them and eat them too. And I have picture proof from their official social networking sites.






Also they are making it possible for easter to be celebrated in Style(literally!) Cavalli and Armani have easter eggs for easter too 🙂

Easter by Roberto Cavalli



I wonder how they taste, and who has had the heart to disrupt their prettiness and gobble them up (Probably some chocoholic like me! 😉 )


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