My reaction to the weather

My reaction to the weather

Having born and brought up in a tropical island…the four seasons were limited to just the books and the weather consisted of sunny days and rainy days. However, moving to Japan and having lived here for over two years, the weather sure does have an effect on my life just like everyone else here. No one really steps out of the house without checking the weather (Now conveniently there as an app in your phone). And my brain reacts quite uniquely to every weather type, sometimes I’m thrilled, sometimes annoyed and sometimes just indifferent but there’s surely a definite reaction each time. A random thought on this marked the birth of this post 😉

Besides that I have been fascinated by GIF for quite some time now and have been thinking of collaborating it into one of my post. It’s an experiment since I’m trying out different ways to make this blog more interesting and since its primarily about being a piece off my view/interest/life it gives me quite a wide platform to choose from. So hope you guys like it. 🙂

When it’s sunny…

when it’s raining…

  • And… I’m at home

My blanket, laptop , a book and its the best day ever! 🙂

  •  And …I’m out and that means I need to get wet, handle an umbrella and ruin my shoes!

OH NO!!! My shoes!! EWWW!!

When it’s snowing…

The snow just makes me go ‘Yippie!!!’ and I’m just all happy after that.

When there’s a typhoon…

Because I’m really trying to sleep over here and that I’m-going-to-break-your-house-sound-effects do not help!

When it’s anything below 15 degrees Celsius…

I just point-blank refuse to move!

To conclude, I’m still not sure which is my favorite weather *sigh* I mean I like start missing the heat when its cold and missing the cold when its hot! 😛


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