Food I have come to love!

Food I have come to love!

I have always been a super picky eater. I don’t fuss but I just don’t eat anything I don’t want to. Sounds fair enough right.

I love burgers and they are my ultimate food love! But coming to Japan has exposed me to so many cuisines and few of them have become my favorites. And I have been turning myself from all the junk love to a rather subtle selection of somewhat healthy stuff.  Heres my Top 5 favorite food list : ( apart from the burgers and buns! )

1. Mexican

via Wikimedia commons licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Be it the Burritos, the tacos or just plain guacamole with crackers! I love them alll! I believe everyone just should try them love them!  And since i usually take vegetarian, it always feels healthy. And I realized I don’t have a picture of any Mexican food because im too busy eating them and never remember to click one…do you see the love through that point I just tried to make ? And the nail in the picture above is really bothering me and I can’t find a better licensed picture to replace it with. *sigh*

2. Salad


Yeah… I love them. The cabbages, the corn, the broccoli ,the purple leaves, all of them! With the dressing please! It’s almost funny how I hated vegetables and always felt like I’m transforming into a rabbit while I ate them 😉

Confession: I do go to some restaurants just for the salad in their lunch menu 😀

3.  Humus with Pita bread

Via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Its perfect! They are the best combo ever especially if the bread is good and you can find some fresh olives. I love them and I’ve seriously forced people (including my parents) to try it and love it the same way that I do.

4. Japanese


Ok so this was the biggest unexpected choice. I wasn’t a huge fan or so I thought until I was craving for Japanese rice with fried prawns and vegetables (and sauce) or when I started enjoying my onigiri (rice ball with filling) for the seaweed wrapper. Lets just say I’m proud of myself for this one! Even the noodles are like good. However, my favorites in the Japanese cuisine is very very limited.

5. Mushroom and Onion Pizza with olive oil poured on it (Yes… now breathe)


How could you like anything with mushroom and onion with it? That used to be my reaction too. But then things changed when I found this pizza *picture above*. And now I can literally eat it everyday and still love it the same way.

So the point I’m trying to make is… mostly to myself… my taste buds have decided to go GREEN. Some CSR planning my brain has adopted. 🙂


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